DC Rowhouse

Project Description

In the heart of Washington D.C., a couple preparing to welcome their first child decided it was time to transform their small, funky row house into a cool, family-friendly space. With a limited footprint, the challenge was to make the most of the available space, infusing it with functionality and modern aesthetics.

The Challenge:

The row house, characteristic of D.C.’s urban landscape, had a quirky charm but needed significant updates to meet the needs of a growing family. The goal was to maximize the small space, enhance the façade, and introduce elements that would make the home feel larger and more open.

Project Details

Client Klockner Design Build
Date 2014
Skills Restoration, Collaborative Design

The Transformation:

  • Front Facade Revival: The exterior of the house received a dramatic makeover, enhancing its curb appeal and reflecting the modernization within. This transformation set the tone for the rest of the renovation, signaling the home’s evolution from funky to fabulous.
  • Interior Space Maximization: Within the small footprint, every square inch was thoughtfully designed to maximize utility and aesthetic appeal. Innovative storage solutions and a clever layout ensured the home could accommodate the family’s needs without feeling cramped.
  • Skylight Installation: A cool skylight was introduced, instantly elevating the ambiance of the space. This feature not only brought in natural light but also created an illusion of height and space, making the interiors feel airier and more open.
  • Stylish Shower Upgrade: The bathroom received a particularly notable upgrade with a cool, new shower. Likely featuring modern fixtures and perhaps unique tiling, this shower became a highlight of the home’s transformation, blending functionality with luxury.
  • Pre-Baby Completion: Timeliness was crucial for this project. The renovation was completed just in time for the arrival of the couple’s first child, ensuring the family could settle into their newly upgraded space without the added stress of ongoing construction.

Architectural Detail

Working closely with a local steel fabricator and the artistically minded client, the stair is a carefully detailed and tectonically expressive form.


The funky little row house was successfully transformed into a cool and contemporary family home. The renovations made clever use of the limited space, proving that even the smallest homes could be turned into stylish, functional abodes. The front façade, skylight, and stylish shower stand out as key features that brought this transformation to life.

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